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You are now connected to Vaibhav from
Vaibhav:Hello, my name is Vaibhav. I'm here to help you today.
Are we connected?
Me:Hello:) I bought a portable harddisk from seagate in July 16, 2018, and I received in July 18, 2018. But I found the product that I ordered doesn't work.
Vaibhav:Could you please confirm the order id?
Me:ORDER # 112-0202669-2
Vaibhav:What's happened to you is unacceptable and disappointing. Let me make sure that I not only resolve this for you, but also ensure that this doesn’t happen in future.
Me:When I connected to computer it even couldn't recognize the harddisk.T.T
Vaibhav:I'd love to create a replacement on this order. Unfortunately, the item is sold and shipped by a third party seller as the reason we don't have direct control over them. We can do one thing in this case, if you allow me, I'll go ahead and issue a full refund on return this order and meanwhile you could place a new order with the fastest shipping available. Provide me the new order id and I'll be happy to waive off the shipping charges for the item too. Would you like me to proceed, Lee?
Me:Then... Do I have to resend the product I got in July 18?
Vaibhav:Done, i just created a return label for you and sent it to your e-mail and you will receive refund within 3-5 business days after completing this process.
Me:Thank you, Vaibhav:) When I reorder the product where should I send orderid to?
Vaibhav:You can also send us an e-mail on
Me:okay:) Thanks a lot
Vaibhav:You're welcome.
Please let me know is there anything else I can do for you today?
Vaibhav:It was a pleasure assisting you today! We look forward to seeing you again soon. You can click the End Chat button on the top right corner of this window.

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